2008 is the remarkable year where Maulik Umraniya stepped into the world of DJing with just one dream of his, and that was to play and produce music for the party lovers. He believes that ‘Music’ is the finest form of expressing happiness. Every tune, each beat that he plays for the crowd is special in its own way to make that celebration more joyful. DJ Maulik catches the mood of the crowd, creates an aura and connects each one with his musical vibe to make them groove with full energy.

DJ Maulik Believes that every melody has to touch the soul, only then it arrives to its true meaning.

He is a creative disc jockey who loves mixing original tunes and beats, making it electrifying for the crowd. He grew up listening to all genres of music and now is skillfully playing Bollywood, EDM, Hip Hop, Trap and Trance making him a versatile DJ . He's known for fusions and best tracklist collection which can make you sway to the music that come out of his console.

This Mastermind and an experimental DJ plays music in form of self-expression.
To expand his horizon he took Professional training of music production from mumbai which fine-tuned his music, to blend the tracks in a such a way that you do not miss a beat.

With 12+ years, 3000+ gigs with 50+ locations, DJ Maulik has proved he can be the life of any party. In these 12years DJ Maulik has made his mark right from corporate events to weddings to clubs where he has injected his own melody and won hearts of many. His passion, dedication, curiosity and sincerity towards his work has always kept him updated.

DJ Maulik has performed at various musical events around the world. With his successful gigs worldwide, DJ Maulik aspires to contribute and serve the industry of music with a difference, believing that music is an outburst of soul.


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